I didn’t buy the microscope for you :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 15:37:32

You are too small.

A pálmaolajnak a környezetre gyakorolt hatásairól beszéltünk már?


relax :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 15:02:27

It’s temporary.

Just like almost everything.


cut :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 13:58:41

Apple is trying to prevent me from sharing images and videos.


focus :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 13:26:59

Wait for the high-quality render please or ask Google to buy a few more computers.


1984 :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 09:00:50

Read fucking Orwell, retarded idiot assholes.


questions :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 08:56:43

Is everyone retarded in South Korea?

Maybe not.

There might be a reason why people, including a smart, brave, and beautiful Hungarian journalist already expressed their concerns that the guy does not look like a serial murderer.

Maybe he is. Maybe he wants to be one. I don’t know.

Maybe he was only a bit weaker than I am when he came to Switzerland.

What if their sister is trying to save his or her life?


one more way to tell you :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 08:48:18

Search: transcendent meditation center.

First result.

"More Energy, More Time, Less Stress! Come to a free 1 hour info Talk near you this week. Evidence-based results. Serving men, women, and families at TM centres worldwide. One-to-one Instruction. Stress & Anxiety Relief. Stress Less. Free 1 hour introduction."


ps :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 08:39:50

Vulcans do not stop the moment I get weed.

Not here.

This reality won’t turn into a magical paradise in one second just because I get weed.


It’s just that the later I get it, the more people die because of you.


one more time :: 2021. szeptember 22., szerda, 08:36:03

The later I get weed the more people die.

I told you.

It means Switzerland will be the killer of those people too.

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