the world in your hand :: 2021. szeptember 15., szerda, 02:32:34

- Vylie, close your eyes.
- We used to play this the other way around - she said, and she closed her eyes.
- Happy Women's Day! - the princess said, putting a crystal cube in Vylie's hand.

She rotated the gift excitedly. The cube sparkled in a thousand colors.

- Beautiful. What is this?
- Light computer. I know you don’t want to depend on objects, but you love to play.
- I already love it. Is there a manual for it?
- No, so listen, because I'll only tell you once how it works. I incorporated several crystals into it. Each polarizes the light. When light arrives at a given crystal at the right angle, the direction of polarization changes. The crystals in the inner layers retain the direction of polarization. The outer layer returns to its original state in the dark. I put these in so you can restart if it crashes.
- You're a genius.
- It doesn't occur to me that you write a program on it that crashes, but what if you install something on it or lend it to me. In the evening twilight, it is as fast as in the twinkling light.
- I already know what I'm writing on it.
- What will it be?
- The program that answers all questions.
- What are you going to ask?
- The second question is about our honeymoon.
- And the first one?
- The first is why you're wearing a dress and I'm not licking your ass.