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Vylie dressed in shimmering black metallic scales.

She walked to the foot of the citadel, stopped, and looked at the people kneeling on the steps reaching to the sky.

Some were praying with two palms clasped in front of them. There were those who meditated their way to annihilation by beating their foreheads again and again against the edge of the step in front of them.

The sacred cows grazed the desires of people. The sacrificial lambs roared peacefully, watched over by the sacrificial children, taken care of by the shepherds and the philosophers.

Men stood motionless, with curved swords dipped in petrol and raised to the sky, emblazoned with the word "peace", awaiting orders. Women knelt opposite them, with their palms stamped on the ground by men while they cried their thanks for being there, begged for forgiveness, and would have poured themselves this and that if they could have used their hands.

Above, wealthy men scattered their money, which the pathfinders below them, doing yoga in lotus seats, with laptops on their laps and self-development books in their left hands, were scooping up with crystal money boxes clutched in their right.

Vylie used the power of her mind to push aside the digital filters from the front of her. She headed upwards.

People sighed, wept, and sang to her, the first woman to be admitted to the Incarnation.

Vylie reached the top of the stairs.

She waited for the white-glowing, floating servants to pull apart the veils and disperse the silvery mist.

She stepped inside.

In the middle of the room, hovering over a cushion, was a creature that looked part teenage boy, part ethereal. His body was surrounded by white energy beams. A golden halo glowed around his head. He was bleeding. He was fat.

The palm of his left hand, held upright, pointed to his right shoulder. His right palm was held in a semicircle below his navel.

In his other left hand, he clutched stone tablets. In the other right, he held a telescope and a spaceship raised to the sky.

The fresco behind him was of Mother Earth giving birth to the world.

A bipedal elephant walked into the room, broke off his trunk, lit the end, smoked it, blew the smoke onto the Incarnation, and sacrificed himself for everyone.

- I'm glad you came to see us - said the white-glowing creature. His deep, resonant voice reached the core of the earth.

Vylie remained silent.

- Take a seat.

Two armed drones brought in a throne, placed it behind Vylie, and flew off to deploy themselves in a war.

Vylie sat down. She put her hands on her knees and bobbed her head from side to side. Sitting on the throne, she was dancing.

- Some have complained - the creature announced in a booming voice, lightning sparking in his eyes - that you don't pay your land-use fees and you haven't renewed your expired license.
- Really? - asked Vylie.
- Yes. But the land-use tax is a win-win situation. Your safety...

Time has slowed down.

Vylie rose from her throne with the speed of a self-loving mimosa caressed by the morning breeze.

Three dark purple smoke rings embraced her left wrist, dancing around each other. From her right arm, black smoke billowed into the air and dissipated into nothing. In her hand was a wave-forming axe of anthracite color. From the back of the upside-down weapon, three wave-shaped spikes stared into the air. The blade and her face pointed in the same direction.

Vylie stepped forward with her left foot, swung the axe with her right hand, and sliced the creature in two from the bottom to up.

A horrible scream filled another reality, where Vylie had long ago redirected such sounds.

She lifted her right foot and kicked the Incarnation to the wall.

Between the two pieces hung a gooey, slimy, thick, yellowish-brown bundle of liquid, pulling the pieces toward each other.

Vylie stepped up to the wall, drove four steel nails into the creature, stabbed a sharp, spiky log into its heart, ripped it from the wall, tore it to pieces, and absorbed its essence.

- Thank you. I can take care of myself - she said.

She sat down. She breathed. She detoxed.

She stayed who she was.

She became stronger.

She stepped out of the room and looked at the people.

They, oblivious to what was happening, were pleading with shining faces. They offered her their weapons, their loyalty, and their children.

- You can go home - said Vylie.

She took a step down the stairs.

She stopped and looked around.

- I usually suggest the mirror instead of the altar. It takes up less space, it's easier to clean, and it's multifunctional.

She took another step.

She waited.

She smiled.

She was a black dragon. Her eyes glowed gold and she breathed golden fire when she felt like doing so.

She spread her wings, soared into the sky, and disappeared from the sight of people.

For a while.